festiveLaPosta Mike Groves

For December we thought we’d visit some of the Christmas traditions and customs that are celebrated in Mesilla, New Mexico. Why is it significant? Well, when you consider that Mesilla was a Mexican settlement dating back to 1848, and then later became the New Mexico Territory in 1853, this area has seen not only a lot of history, but a blending of cultures and traditions.


It’s hard to put into words what Thanksgiving is like in the Mesilla Valley. As a time of year this is a wonderful season. Typically, the sun is still shining brightly and warming the days, but the nights begin to get frigid and the mornings are brisk and cool. It doesn’t feel like autumn here as it might in the northwest part of the country, but you can still see signs that it’s the fall.

In the fields you’ll find some chile, but not too much. The chile is turning red in the sun and drying right on the plants. This was the traditional method for drying chile once upon a time. Farmers would go pick this chile and then place it on their roofs or spread it out on the ground to finish drying completely. Those of us who live here like to joke that this is what we mean by “the colors are changing” in the fall, as you can tell what time of the year it is when the chile goes from green to red.


This past September we introduced two new wines that we’ll be featuring as our specialty wines, and each of them are quite special. The first is La Posta Fazzio Malbec, and the second is La Posta Tinto Red Blend.

Now you don’t have to look very closely to see that the wines share their names with us. In fact, even when looking at the Art Deco labels on the bottles you would immediately think these wines were made specifically for us – or that at least we had a hand in their design.

It’s a special time of year here in the Mesilla Valley. School has started and soon the NMSU and high school football teams will be playing their state and local rivals. The days are getting a bit shorter and the nights and early mornings are brisk and cool.