corn tortillas

Our founder, Katy Griggs, wanted her customers to know how to make their own, fresh corn tortillas.  And for Cinco de Mayo, naturally you’ll turn those tortillas into some fresh, hot tostadas for dipping! These recipes are found in the La Posta de Mesilla Cook Book written by Katy all the way back in 1971. Try making them yourself instead of buying them at the grocery store next time, trust us, you'll love the difference!


The traditional fry bread of Mexico and the southwest, sopaipillas are used not only for dessert, drenched in delicious honey or sprinkled with powdered sugar, but also in meals. You can stuff them with meat, cheese and chile for a delicious, savory meal. Here is the recipe Katy Griggs wrote down in 1971 in our cookbook, we hope you enjoy!


Just in time for the Super Bowl! What is a party like in Southern New Mexico without the delicious dip that’s been a mainstay of Mexican and Mexican-American celebrations for decades? Here is the recipe to make a batch of Guacamole for your party this Sunday.


Perhaps the most comforting of comfort food in the southwest is Posole, a stew of sorts with pork and hominy. It can be made with green chile or other spices, but here at La Posta and in Mesilla, New Mexico, Red Chile Posole is definitely what's on the menu! And so as these days get shorter and colder, here's OUR recipe for posole to warm you up! Enjoy!

chips salsa

Here's our world famous Salsa de Jalapeno recipe. This is super simple to make and can be whipped up in large batches for your Super Bowl or holiday parties. Be sure to have some delicious fresh tostadas to serve with it!


What's Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie? Here in the Southwest we've been making a version of pumpkin pie for the last two centuries in a form called Empanadas. In truth, Empanadas can be filled with just about anything, but at this time of the year it's the Pumpkin Empanadas that are the most popular in our restaurant. Below is a delicious recipe drawn from our La Posta Cook Book written back in 1971 by our founder, Katy Griggs. You can use to make these yourselves for your Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!